Who are your Hosts?

Both from Moselle, we lived 2 years in Toulon and around 14 years in Haute Savoie near Geneva, before settling here, in Normandy, in 2019, following the crush we had for this former body. 16-17th century farmhouse.

In addition to guest rooms, we are both independent contractors, you can discover our activities a little further down the page.

And our son Logan, a big fan of stormtroopers and Star Wars in general, loves to practice the trampoline.

Why "Synchronicity"?

We chose this name because of the way we got to this house.It was a succession of "synchronicities", everything happened in the right order, as if she was waiting for us! 

Then, we could observe that this name was perfect for the places because we have, on a regular basis, many "synchronicities" with customers:​* Links with our families* Foreigners of unusual language who fall at the same time as French customers speaking their language
* Meeting clients a few days after their visit, in lost places
* Etc ...

In short, a large number of "chances".


Apart from all the Management and the reception for the Bed and Breakfast, I am also a practitioner in Chinese Metaphysics(Feng Shui, Chinese Bazi Astrology, Qi Men Dun jia, etc ...)

​Discover these practices, often little and / or poorly known in France, through regular YouTube videos.


Tiler craftsman

It is he who largely renovates the house and who carried out the complete renovations of the Black Pearl Suite.

The other bedrooms have been redecorated pending future full renovations.


Fan of Star Wars and Freerun parkour trampoline, Logan enjoys many activities.

 You can find him for Trampoline sessions or for a game of video games, on his YouTube page